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Wayne Burt group is a deep value fund with investments in the specialized sectors of Oil & Gas...

Core Team

Executive Team

Anti Ragging Committee

The Anti-Ragging Committe is constituted with the following members

Chairperson - Dr. D.S. Ramachandra, Principal


1. Dr. V.Satya Prasad, Professor, Anatomy
2. Dr. Prajakta Kishve, Professor, Anatomy
3. Dr. B.Vodelu, Professor, Biochemistry
4. Dr. K.Ramakrishna, Professor, General Surgery
5. Dr. M.Swaraya Laxmi, Professor, Microbiology
6. Dr. Y.Nagender Rao, Assistant Professor, Psychiatry
7. Dr. K.Laxman, Associate Professor, Pathology
8. Dr. K.Pushpa Latha, Professor, Pathology
9. Dr. K.Shridevi, Associate Professor, Community Medicine

The above faculty is instructed to attend the Anti Ragging Committee meeting regularly as per schedule and in case of exigency.

Salient features :


Management Team has pledged to promote responsible medical practices and provide effective medical education.

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