College Council Committee

The College Council Committee is constituted with the follwoing faculty members. Chairperson-(Principal - Dr.V. Siva Rami Reddy Vice- Principal - Dr. V. Satya Prasad)


Dr. Prajakta Kishve, Professor, Anatomy

Dr. Vodelu, Professor & Head, Biochemistry

Dr. P. Srihari, Professor & Head, Physiology

Dr. P. Swarajya Lakshmi, Professor & head, Microbiology

Dr. Geeta Soren, Professor & Head, Pharmacology

Dr. J. Surender, Professor,Pathology

Dr. K.Laxman, Associate Professor & Head, Forensic Medicine

Dr. CH. Suresh Chander, Professor & Head, General Medicine

Dr. J. Ashok Vardhan Reddy, Associate Professor & Head, Orthopaedics

Dr. C.Venkata Lakshmi Rao, Professor & Head, Obst. & Gynae

The above faculty is instructed to attend and organize meeting regularly as per scheduled.