Anti Ragging Committee

The Anti-Ragging Committe is constituted with the following members (Chairperson - Dr.V. Siva Rami Reddy, Principal)


Dr. V.Satya Prasad, Professor, Anatomy

Dr. Prajakta Kishve, Professor, Anatomy

Dr. B.Vodelu, Professor, Biochemistry

Dr. K.Ramakrishna, Professor, General Surgery

Dr. M.Swaraya Laxmi, Professor, Microbiology

Dr. Y.Nagender Rao, Assistant Professor, Psychiatry

Dr. K.Laxman, Associate Professor, Pathology

Dr. K.Pushpa Latha, Professor, Pathology

Dr. K.Shridevi, Associate Professor, Community Medicine

The above faculty is instructed to attend the Anti Ragging Committee meeting regularly as per schedule and in case of exigency.